The OKEY DOGGY® Male Dog Belly Band Absorbent is for dogs (males) with mild and severe urinary incontinence and for healthy dogs with behavioral problems that leave marks on furniture and walls.

On the inside, several layers of absorbent tissue are sewn in, which absorb and retain urine inside the belt.

The result - your furniture, floors and walls are dry!

Absorbent layer absorbs an average of 150 ml (+/-) of liquid, depending on size


Thanks to the thoughtful design, the belt does not twist and does not slip.


As the absorbent layer is filled, the belt should be removed or changed to dry.

Washable Male Dogs Wraps OKEY DOGGY® easy dressing e tsya and easy to care for.


With excessive urination, we recommend the use of reusable urological pads for men. You can purchase them at pharmacies or supermarkets. For more information, contact our manager.

Male Dog Belly Band Absorbent Okey Doggy

  • XS - waist circumference 26-35 cm (toy terrier, Yorkshire terrier and other dwarf breeds)
    S - waist circumference 36-49 cm (pug, dachshund, small poodle and other small breeds)
    M - waist circumference 50-66 cm (medium breeds)
    L - waist circumference 67-76 cm (shepherd, Doberman and other large breeds)
    ХL - waist circumference 77-95 (CAO, Rottweiler and other large breeds)

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