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Frakishtak wheelchairs are stable, manoeuvrable, allowing the animal to move, both on a flat road and on rough terrain in nature, on dirt roads and on other difficult terrain. A physically strong animal can easily overcome borders and pits.


To increase the stability, maneuverability and maneuverability of the stroller, the wheel racks are installed at special angles as in sports wheelchairs for people.


A sufficient number of adjustments are provided in the wheelchair to compensate for possible inaccuracies made when measuring the animal by its owner.


Ammunition is made of perforated neoprene - it is a soft elastic material, due to the perforation air circulation is ensured. Ammunition is detachable and can be washed.


The saddle has an anatomically correct shape, the animal can defecate unhindered.

For idle hind legs provided stirrups . They hold idle paws above the surface and thereby protecting them from damage.


When sewing ammunition reliable travel accessories are used - strong and durable. Manufactured according to strict quality control standards.


The harness and saddle can be adjusted with buckles, which will provide even more comfort for your pet.

Rear Dog Wheelchair Frakishtak


    Frame: aluminum
    Wheel stands and fasteners: caprolon and / or aluminum
    Ammunition: Orthopedic perforated neoprene (Aeropren) 5 mm, coating jersey (nylon 100%), mahr (nylon 100%). Textile tape (polypropylene or polyamide). Accessories YKK (polyacetal, English POM)


    The stroller can be washed with detergent.
    Lubricate bearings in wheels with technical oil.

    Hand or machine wash in delicate mode at 30C. Do not iron. Do not use chlorine-based products.

  • XXS Polyurethane wheels with or without bearings - D60-100, Depending on the size of the dog. Stroller weight +/- 0.5 kg. (Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, etc.)

    XS Polyurethane wheels with bearings - D90-145, Depending on the size of the dog. Stroller weight +/- 0.6 kg. (Cats; Toy Terrier and other dwarf dog breeds)

    S Polyurethane wheels on bearings - D125-145 or pneumatic D7``, D10 ''. Stroller weight +/- 1 kg. (Dachshund, Pug, French Buddhist, Dwarf poodle and other small breeds)

    M and M + Pneumatic wheels on bearings - D10 '', D12 ", D14 '', D16". Stroller weight +/- 3 kg. (Spaniel, Fox Terrier,
    Small poodle and other medium sized breeds)

    L Pneumatic wheels on bearings - D12``, D14 '', D16 ".
    Stroller weight +/- 5 kg. (German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler and other large breeds)

    XL Pneumatic Wheel Bearing - D14 ''. D16``, D20 ''. Stroller weight +/- 7 kg. (Dog, SAO, Saint Bernard and other giant breeds)

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