Dog Rear Harness Frakishtak used for disruption of the musculoskeletal system in animals. It is an alternative to a wheelchair during training and short walks.

Suitable for pets of all breeds and sizes, including cats.




- During the rehabilitation period for fractures, paresis or paralysis of the hind legs.

- To aid in the movement of older dogs with weak hind legs.


Walking and moderate physical activity are important for animals of all breeds, if there are no contraindications for the veterinarian. They favorably affect the health, physical and moral condition of the animal.


The anatomically correct form of support allows the animal of any gender to unhindered physiological needs.


The support knobs are adjustable in length within the allowable size limits.


In sizes L, XL, XXL, a shoulder strap is provided for load balancing. Shoulder strap, adjustable in length, maximum length in working position 1 m.


The volume of paws is not regulated. Paw openings are edged with soft elastic material.


Dog Rear Harness Frakishtak

SKU: 0001
Choose a size:
  • XS (hip circumference up to 20cm)
    S (hip circumference up to 25cm)
    S + (hip circumference up to 28cm)
    M (hip circumference up to 30cm)
    M + (hip circumference up to 36cm)
    L (hip circumference up to 40cm)
    L + (hip circumference up to 45cm)
    XL (hip circumference up to 50cm)

    Handle Length:

    XS, S, S + - 60 cm
    L, L +, XL, XXL - 35 cm

    Before placing an order, take measurements from your animal. See photo.
    If you all - still have questions and you do not know which size to choose, please contact our specialists by phone or online.


    Orthopedic perforated neoprene 5 mm (Aeropren), coating knitwear (nylon 100%), terry (nylon 100%). Textile tape (polypropylene or polyamide). Accessories YKK (polyacetal, English POM)


    Hand or machine wash in delicate mode at 30C.
    Do not iron. Do not use chlorine-based products.

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