Neopaws Summer Reinforced ™ boots protect your feet from damage and abrasion. In the conditions of the city, shoes protect their paws from hot asphalt, broken glass and nails, in nature - from sharp stones and thorns, and the non-slip sole allows your pet to be safely at the pool and on the decks of boats.


The Neopaws Summer Reinforced ™ orthopedic boots are reinforced at the top as well as athletic shoes for people.


Summer shoes are ideal for indoor use, prevents the animal from slipping on ceramic tiles and laminate. Protect your car, furniture and wooden floor from claw damage.


Neopaws Summer Reinforced ™ boots are used for animals with weak hind legs, during the treatment of wounds and cuts, do not allow the dog to lick and bite its paws excessively.


Recommended by veterinarians!

Summer Reinforced shoes for dog

  • Shoes have a wide range of sizes from very small to gigantic sizes.

    Includes 2 boots.

    Sometimes a dog has front legs smaller than its hind legs. If you buy shoes with 4 legs, carefully measure both the hind and front legs.

    The most accurate way to determine the size is to smear the fingertips with old lipstick or other paint that is not harmful to health (cold coffee, tea leaves). Then put an imprint on a sheet of white paper and measure the imprint.

    Claws should be short cut.

    Claws are not taken into account when measuring!

    If you are still not sure of the correctness of your measurement, please write to us or call, we will be happy to help.

    In order not to be mistaken with the choice of size, contact our specialist by phone or online for help.


    Size Length Width

    XXS 1.25; 0.75 inches | 3.2; 2 cm

    XS 1.50; 1.00 inches | 4; 2.6 cm

    XS + 1.75; 1.25 inches | 4.5; 3.2 cm

    S 2.00; 1.50 inches | 5; 3.8 cm

    S + 2.25; 1.75 inches | 5.7; 4.5 cm

    M 2.50; 2.00 inches | 6.4; 5.1 cm

    M + 3.00; 2.25 inches | 7.6; 5.7 cm

    L 3.25; 2.50 inches | 8.30; 6.4 cm

    L + 3.50; 2.75 inches | 8.9; 7 cm

    XL 3.75; 3.00 inches | 9.4; 7.6 cm

    XL + 4.00; 3.25 | 10.2; 8.3 cm

    XXL 5.00; 3.75 | 12.7; 9.6 cm



    The boots are made of breathable and durable Air-mesh nylon mesh, the molded rubber sole has additional reinforcement on the heel, sides and toe, which makes the legs more secure, and the shoes are durable.


    Wash in warm water with soap or detergent without chlorine.

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