Back Brace Frakishtak




- To stabilize and support the thoracic and lumbar spine

- At the time of the rehabilitation period after injuries and with various diseases of the spine.


Stiffening ribs made of spring steel are sewn along the Back Brace, which helps stabilize the spine by reducing the amplitude of movement.


Thanks to the selected materials, free circulation of air and moisture is ensured, the animal does not block.


The corset is elastic, breathable, not hot, easy to clean. The inside with terry coating Soft Touch - does not rub and does not irritate the skin.


The kit includes a convenient strap on the carabiners to support the back of the body.


The length along the back and the girth of the chest are regulated by straps and Velcro.


A strap is included to support the back of the dog’s body.


Not used for complete immobilization.

----> Consult with your veterinarian before use.

Back Brace Frakishtak

Choose a size:
  • XS (back length * 25-28cm; chest circumference. Cells 28-32cm)
    S (back length * 28-30cm; chest circumference. Cells 35-43cm)
    S + (back length * 28-32cm; chest circumference. Cells 55-60cm)
    M (back length * 33-36cm; chest circumference. 40-46cm)
    M + (back length * 33-36cm; chest circumference. Cells 50-60cm)
    L (back length * 40-48cm; chest circumference. Cells 50-60cm)
    L + (back length * 46-49cm; chest circumference. Cells 50-60cm)
    XL (back length * 52-60cm; chest circumference. Cells 65-78cm)

    * from the withers to the beginning of the tail

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