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Special Order

What is this?

If in an online store of goods is unavailable and/or it is noted by a tag special order it means that it can be ordered individually.

On the page of goods, the estimated cost is specified. The goods pay, only after coordination of details of the order with the manager.

Production time depends on the interesting product - from 1 to 10 working days.

Press a badge to download a form of the order interesting you goods




Wheelchair for rear legs "Classic"

Wheelchair for rear legs cats and rabbit "Classic" 

Wheelchair for front legs  Frakishak "Front"


Wheelchair for all legs  Frakishak "Quadro"



Hip bandage

Fixer of the hock

Shoulder bandage

Click the "More Details" button for pricing and ordering information. 


Wheelchair carriage for hind legs

from 200 €


Wheelchair carriage for front paws

from 260 €


Wheelchair carriage for four legs

from 420 


knee brace

from 70 €


Hock bandage

from 38 €

Милый щенок

hock retainer 

from 42 €

Милый щенок

Neck corset

from 200 €

Милый щенок

Cover for the stump

from 260 €

Милый щенок

Hip bandage

from 420 

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